Sunday, June 21, 2015

What we love most about our babywearing daddies!

In honor of Father's Day we asked our Facebook page members to tell us why they love and appreciate that their partner baby wears. Here's what they said.
"I love seeing how much he cares for our kiddos! The rare occasion he wears them they need it. It's so sweet to see, especially how content they are so close to daddy." -Megan
"I love how much they love him wearing them. The girls get so excited when he even picks up a carrier. And then I get to pee alone. That's a nice bonus." -Keshia
"I love to see the bond between them. I love seeing them snuggle on daddy's chest to fall asleep. Makes my heart smile." -Ashley
"I love that daddy likes to wear to do fun things like playing corn-hole or going on a nature walk. Mommy wears to comfort or get things done, but daddy wears to include her in the fun!" -Heather
"I love that it actually gives me free time. With no one touching me. I wear a lot more than my husband. But when he does, he takes both kiddos outside. And I can possibly pee/shower alone."-Garner
"There's nothing like watching daddy prance around with his "kangaroo pouch" it's incredible to see the bond between him and Grayson grow while he shows off his babywearing skills. Melts my heart every time." -Amy
"I love that my husband wears our toddler because I have arthritis in my knees/ hips/ ankles and sometimes I physically can't carry her because of the added weight. Plus, when he wears her I can tell how much they both enjoy it. He mainly wears her on his front and will do this cute voice that she loves. It's honestly kinda attractive to know that he loves our daughter so much and loves wearing her, especially when I can't." -Jessica
"I love that my husband will wear the baby so I can cook dinner. I enjoy that time to cook, even though it's usually nothing fancy." -Jennifer
"I love that my big, tough, hairy man loves wearing our sweet girly girl! Nothing makes me happier than seeing him superman her on his back and wear her before we begin a gig. He's so willing to learn different carries and different ways to get her on his back without any help from mama!"-April
"I love that my partner baby wears because it shows his commitment to gender equality in parenting. Not only do I have an amazing, supportive partner, but my son has an excellent role model." -Kiley
"Because we EBF, my hubby misses out on that close, calm, bonding time that happens during a feeding, with our little guy. Watching him get excited to learn new carries or to offer to wear our little one when we go out gives me a sense of relief in knowing that he gets a close and calm bond too. It also melts my heart to watch our little guy relax and fall asleep while being worn by his daddy!" -Jessica
"I love it that my husband offers to wear our son to give me a break and he enjoys it so much that we debate at times about who gets to wear him. He knows it is bonding time too! Wearing is not what is most important to him but time with our son is. Melt my heart. He once offered to take our son to a meeting so I could get some work done and I later asked "how did you do at the meeting" and he said "fine, I wrapped him". So cute!" -April
"I've never seen him look so proud as when he is wearing her." -Krista