Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tibetan and twists and rings, oh my! Fancy finishes to get you out of your wrapping rut.

For most of our monthly topics we focus on the basics. There's obviously a lot of options and a lot to learn when you first start wearing. And we all have to start somewhere. This is especially true when it comes to wrapping, You start with a basic Front Wrap Cross Carry but you see others doing other fun carries. You decide that you're ready to try them out and before you know it you're feeling like a rockstar with several different carries in you back pocket ready to use at a moment's notice. Then you find you like some more than others because they're more comfortable or you like the way they look. Before you know it you're doing the same thing over and over. Well, if you can relate to all of this then you my friend are in a wrapping rut. But have no fear, with some fun variations and finishes you can change up the look and feel of your favorite carries easily. After all, my mama always told me variety was the spice of life!

Rings are a really neat way to add options to a variety of carries

Use a ring in place of a slipkot

Mermaid torso carry

Our VBE Jenny demonstrates a fun front carry using a ring
Short Cross Carry w/ Ring

Our VBE Ashley shows you how to use a ring for a different option with Robin's Hip Carry
Robins Hip Carry with a ring

A candy cane chest belt or CCCB is a pretty and supportive way to finish any carry that would tie off at the shoulder.

 Our VBE Jenny shows us a Double Rebozo with CCCB
Double Rebozo with CCCB
DH with CCCB

Our VBE Ashley uses a Candy Cane Chest Belt to finish a Pirate Carry
RRRR with CCCB with a newborn

This awesome daddy is a little green but his ruck with candy cane chest belt video was too cute
Ruck tied at shoulder with candy cane chest belt

Ruck with knotless tibetan finish
A tibetan finish is a great way to keep ruck straps from slipping down and provide a bit more support. It can be used with any carry that has ruck straps such as a ruck or double hammock and is also a great tie off option for asian style carriers such a mei tais and pods.

Our VBE Carrie demonstrats a basic rucksack and traditional and knotless Tibetan finishes
Rucksack with tie off variations

And here are a few great videos with several finishes compiled in one place, including the 3 mentioned above and many more!

Our VBE Jenny shows us a basic Double Hammock with tie off options
Double Hammock with various finishes

Our VBE Ashley goes through a variety of finishes for your Double Hammock
Double Hammock Variations

Wrap You In Love runs through a awesome variety of ways to finish off your basic ruck
Rucksack carry- different finishes

Now go get out of your wrapping rut and try out some of these fun variations and finishes!!


Robin's Hip Carry with a ring
Unspread freshwater finish with DH
DH Rebozo with ring
Knotless ring finish with ruck

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day from BWI of Knoxville

How does babywearing help you as a mother?

Whether it helps you spend time with your older children,
clean house, cook a meal or run errands,
get ready for or go to work or school,
do something fun with friends or family,
soothe a sick or teething little one,
feed or put your baby to sleep,
I think we all agree that the snuggles 
and closeness with our children is the best part!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas of BWI of Knoxville!